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Effective Weight Management – A Fresh Approach

Are you tired of the constant cycle of calorie counting, dietary restrictions, and the ups and downs of various weight loss methods like keto, paleo, or low carb diets? Have you experienced the frustration of meal replacements, weight loss shakes, and the familiar yo-yo effect of being a serial dieter? If this sounds all too familiar, we have excellent news for you – it’s time to bid farewell to diets!

The good news is that you can say goodbye to the dieting merry-go-round. There is another path, one guided by contemporary, solution-focused clinical hypnosis.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is rooted in evidence-based practices for weight management, backed by extensive neuroscience research.

The weight loss industry is a thriving enterprise with a vested interest in promoting success stories to entice more customers, all while profiting from the repeated attempts of those struggling to maintain their weight. It markets an array of frozen meals and meal replacement drinks, and it even hosts weekly paid slimming clubs clubs where individuals continuously leave and re-join as they contend with weight fluctuations. Yet, despite these efforts, why do 64% of adults in England still grapple with excess weight?

The Harsh Reality: Diets Fall Short

Diets primarily address symptoms but often neglect the core issue of why we battle with excess weight. Weight loss and weight control are not simply about diets; they are deeply linked to our subconscious thought patterns, determining what we eat, when we eat, and why we eat.

These patterns are deeply ingrained, harking back to prehistoric times, long before the era of readily available food. Our natural inclination to overeat, a survival trait for preparing for potential food scarcity, sometimes works against us. We can also eat less to conserve resources when needed.

So, what’s going wrong? In the modern world, food is abundant, but a primitive part of our brain remains, driven by emotion rather than logic. When we diet or reduce calorie intake, this ancient part of our brain becomes anxious, interpreting it as food scarcity akin to a famine. It doesn’t comprehend the concept of modern supermarkets, so it triggers our protective mechanisms. Stress hormones are released from the part of our brain that regulates appetite, encouraging us to eat more and prompting cravings for specific food groups that store long-term energy as fat.

The Solution: Weight Management Hypnotherapy

The good news is that it’s surprisingly straightforward to regain control over your eating habits, allowing the sensible and rational part of your brain to take charge, thanks to clinical hypnosis. Modern, solution-focused hypnotherapy techniques can rebalance your relationship with food and put an end to the need for diets. While I’m not a nutritionist or a “diet doctor,” my weight is under control and healthy. This solution focused therapy can bring the emotional, calorie-craving part of your brain under your control in a relatively short time.

Don’t worry; you can still enjoy your favourite treats like ice cream or a glass of wine Your natural balance will be restored, and your weight will naturally come under control.

How Does Weight Management Hypnotherapy Work?

Clinical hypnosis provides the ideal setting for both your conscious and subconscious minds to align and focus on the same objective. In this trance state, you gain access to and can communicate with the potent subconscious. It’s an exceptionally effective, entirely natural process, and we have the ability to induce it with ease. The efficacy of clinical hypnosis in weight control is well-documented through years of neurological research.

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